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Friends Only.

If I'm gonna actually write here, this shit's gonna have to be friends only. :)



i got a call back for i love you because AND our country's good.
liz for ocg, the characters were nonspecific for ilyb. we have to sing the middle of even though and, from what i see, a perfect romance with someone else.

i'm shitting my pants.

two memes in one day?

and this one i stole from the lovely carly.
and it's not musical theatre themed.
i'll put it under a cut to save some flists.

today was boring. went to the doctor with my mother, bought a mirror for my dorm and a really cute lightweight scarf...
i leave in three days. i really, really want to go back to school. i miss my walnut hill friends. MEH.


or maybe it's just singular.
i'm obsessed with my new blackberry curve. THANK YOU VERIZON WIRELESS FOR YOUR NEW EVERY TWO PLAN.
my phone and my mom's and brother's phones were basically free after massive rebates.

this phone does everything except my homework and feeding my dogs, seriously.

i leave for school one week from today.
returning student registration is the 29th, but mom and i are getting there the 28th so we can get last minute things for my dorm that are senseless to ship.
oh, the joys of boarding school.

i memorized my placement monologue, i'm good on my song.
i just need to finish that damn second book for us history.
oy, reading about poverty in america.
i'd rather have teeth pulled.
joking, i hate dentists.